Klouchebag measures Twitter "asshattery"_lowres


Klout, an ubiquitous Internet plaything that awards users scores and sticks of deodorant for the nebulous accomplishment of being "influential" on Twitter, is probably the most annoying social media toy since Foursquare. Foursquare, at least, has some uses - mainly discovering "tips" at bars, restaurants, etc. and finding people you know at Jazz Fest (although if those people really wanted to meet up, they could just text you, right?). Klout, while possibly useful for brands and businesses, is used by regular people mostly in the context of braggy tweets and for Internet pranks. Its measure of "influence" is limited and arbitrary and it can be easily trolled, so no one takes it seriously.

Tom Scott, a London-based TV and web video producer, voiceover artist and frequent speaker on the Internet and social media, feels the same way about Klout, so he created Klouchebag to measure how much of an "asshat" you are on Twitter. Using anger ("profanity and rage"), retweets ("'please RTs,' no or constant retweeting, and old-style [using the the manuel 'RT' instead of clicking the auto-retweet button]") social apps (Foursquare check-ins, basically) and English misuse (overuse of all-caps and exclamation points, which is what social media is all about) as metrics, Klouchebag generates your admittedly unscientific score. "This is about as scientific as Klout's own measurements - which is to say, it's pretty much a crapshoot," Scott says on the website.

So, how does Gambit's Twitter score?


We are "a bit of a prat." Eh, we've probably been called worse.