Gennifer Flowers now has an advice column_lowres

Gennifer Flowers on the set of News With a Twist in 2012.

If you've been missing Gennifer Flowers - New Orleans resident, political mistress of nearly 30 years ago and sometime-singer - she's back with a new online advice column.

In an interview in the Daily Mail, Flowers reiterates her claim that former President Bill Clinton called her up for old times' sake during a visit to New Orleans in 2005 (a claim she made last year in an appearance on News With a Twist) and talks about her new advice column, "Ask Mistress Gennifer" (which leads off with a quote from Albert Camus - take that, Dear Abby).

Flowers, who had a small nightspot called the Gennifer Flowers Kelsto Club on St. Louis Street in the French Quarter before Hurricane Katrina, continues to dine out publicity-wise on her association with Clinton, but she makes it clear she was on her way well before she met the former president. "I was singing in nightclubs, wearing very sexy outifts and gowns, a very independent liberated woman. I was the Madonna of my day – in Little Rock."

The former Madonna of Little Rock also says she'd support a presidential campaign by the woman she cuckolded, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and says Bill Clinton told her his wife was bisexual "and he didn't care." She also reiterates her belief that she'd be Mrs. Bill Clinton if it wasn't for his daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Always a surprise with that Gennifer.