That Is Bad News..._lowres


by Sam Winston

Mardi Gras is not just too early for Crawfish, the season is supposed to be particularly bad according to this radio interview.

It's funny. As the average/clueless consumer, I seem to remember over recent years having no middle ground for crawfish seasons. It was always either "sparse" around Mardi Gras time only to watch consumer prices sink to ridiculous levels by the end of spring as the Crawdads grew in size and quantity, or for the Crawfish to remain small all year with hefty 4 dollar a pound and up prices. Then a friend of the family usually comes in late spring every year from the Lafayette area and destroys our New Orleans impression of the season with steroid size Crawfish that seemed to never have anything to do with the up and down talk of the season.

Regardless, another good friend of mine, whose boiling claim to fame is oranges in addition to lemons, lamented recently that with the Gras so early this year, things just aren't the same without plentiful Crawfish.