Watch: SoulCircuit's "Rolling With Me"_lowres


London electronic duo SoulCircuit's newest music video, Rolling with Me, was shot in New Orleans and features the Creole Wild West tribe of Mardi Gras Indians. It has racked up more than 45,000 views since it premiered last week on THUMP, an electronic music channel from VICE. 

Director Dan Henshaw aimed to make a video that revealed New Orleans' cultural heritage, says producer Chris Scheurich. Scheurich is a New Orleans native who secured the video's locations, cast, equipment and crew accommodations. His father, photographer and musician Jim Scheurich, introduced him to the Creole Wild West.

"My father ... documented the Mardi Gras Indians extensively throughout the '70s, '80s and '90s," Scheurich says. "He developed personal relationships with many of the city's Big Chiefs. When I was approached with the video concept, he put me in touch with Big Chief Walter Cook of the Creole Wild West, who very graciously granted us permission to film his tribe during two of the most significant Indian holidays."


The shoot coincided with Super Sunday and St. Joseph's Day. Nothing in the video is staged, Scheurich says. "The director of photography literally jumped out of a cab straight from the airport and started shooting," Scheurich says.

Scheurich's wife Ali McNally served as a consultant on the shoot. Prior to moving to New Orleans, she lived in London for many years and says the reception there has been "incredibly positive." 

"I have been captivated by Mardi Gras Indians since meeting the late, great Larry Bannock (Big Chief of the Golden Star Hunters) shortly before his passing last year," McNally says. "I just knew this video could be a glimpse into an unfamiliar world for most viewers, something electrifying and exciting that would make people want to learn more."

"During the making of this video we felt like we were capturing something truly special," Scheurich says."The imagery's connection to the music is intense and the video itself is a wonderful platform to share Mardi Gras Indian culture with the world."