If Royal Teeth's rain-abbreviated Jazz Fest set left you craving more of vocalist Nora Patterson's style, you'll want to pick up CUE next week: The issue features Patterson on the cover and interviewed by Jeff Roedel, coinciding with Royal Teeth's announcement that their first full-length album, Glow (Dangerbird Records), will be released August 13. I could happily devote four pages to Pattersons's rock-star-meets-Southern-belle aesthetic, but we only had a quarter of that. So here are some photos and outtakes from the interview.

Jeff Roedel: Does being in a band affect your style? By that I mean, does what your band mates wear have any bearing on your wardrobe?

Nora Patterson: I’ll usually decide what I’m wearing, then [singer] Gary [Larsen] will base his clothes off mine for some consistency. All the guys are stylish by themselves, so they basically wear what they want-but with my approval first (laughing).

  • Photo by Alyssa Jensen

JR: You say you love weird accessories. Define weird.

NP: I just bought this ring from Funky Monkey that is a double ring with six puppies on it. I have another piece that has all these baby doll heads. It’s a little creepy, but not that strange.

JR: So at Funky Monkey, can you haggle over one of these weird doll’s head rings?

NP: Not so much, no. But they do buy clothes occasionally, so every now and then when I get tired of everything I have I’ll sell it there.

  • PHOTO BY OOTI BILLEAUD (wavesfordays.com)

JR: If you had to swap closets with a music legend of the past, whom would you choose?

NP: Stevie Nicks.

JR: But you love color. She’s always in black.

NP: Black looks really good on stage. And she’s got all this fringe going on and lots of accessories. It would be a fun change of pace for me.