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Bounce artist Big Freedia takes the stage during an ice cream social, hosted by ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's at the Republic in New Orleans, La., Saturday, July 6, 2019. Ice cream was provided by Ben & Jerry's after the musician reached out to the Vermont-based brand, suggesting a "Booty Bouncing Beignets" flavor; bourbon-caramel ice cream swirl with beignet bites.

The Queen of Bounce will now also double as the “Ice Kween” thanks to a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, Big Freedia’s Bouncing Beignets, announced today.

Freedia and Ben & Jerry’s representatives unveiled the new flavor — vanilla ice cream with a bourbon caramel swirl topped with powdered sugar  — and let over a hundred attendees at a launch event at Republic NOLA sample a scoop, alongside a beignet finger. Ben & Jerry’s representatives said they could not disclose if or when the flavor would be available in stores.

Rumors of a Freedia flavor have been circulating since back in February when the queen diva originally posted a photo of Instagram of a Ben & Jerry’s container with her face and the words “Booty Bouncing Beignets” describing the proposed flavor as “chocolate ice cream with bourbon caramel swirl & beignet bites.”

Freedia explained to the crowd that the post originated when she decided to create her own ice cream flavor. She, her publicist and a graphic designer came together to create the mock-up design and brought it to Ben & Jerry’s — but the response initially wasn’t so positive.

“We went to Ben & Jerry’s and shot it to one of the executives and said, we want to collaborate with y’all and do an ice cream. The answer was no right away,” Freedia said. “Months later, we just posted it on Instagram as a joke. Tag Ben & Jerry's. Everybody tagged Ben & Jerry's. [Ben & Jerry’s Social Equity Manager L. Simone Washington] started seeing it blow up on social media, and they were like, ‘We’ve got to make this happen. This has been crazy.’”

According to Freedia, there’s a lesson to come out of this story.

“In life journeys, when somebody turn you down or knock you down, you don’t never give up because you never know what might happen. You never know,” she said. “I never got ugly. I never said, ‘Oh, I’m not going to buy Ben & Jerry.’ I never said none of that. You just let things happen. And in the midst of me just waking up one day and putting it on Instagram, look what happened.”

Freedia also gave fans an exclusive listen of her new track with pop singer Kesha called “Chasing Rainbows” which will be on her first single on her next album.

“This song is about being a kid and going through the things that I went through and chasing my dreams, and it’s about everybody being able to chase their dreams, no matter who you are,” Freedia said. “No matter what race, no what matter what your gender, no matter who you choose to love, you have to chase your dreams — and this is about me still on my journey to chasing my dreams.”

The event benefited charities No Kid Hungry Louisiana, Upturn Arts and Liberty’s Kitchen, three charities with which Freedia is involved. Freedia also announced she was working on her own foundation called Bounce Up “for the kids of New Orleans.”

“I choose kids because on their journey growing up, our kids need guidance,” Freedia said, “and if I can try to help be a guidance and a role model, I want to do just that. … This is home, so I’ve got to give back to home.”

Between a new ice cream flavor, a new charity, a new album and multiple Essence Festival performances, Washington asked Freedia the question many were wondering: “When do you have time to sleep?”

“When I’m dead,” she replied.

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