Dita Von Teese is the queen of new burlesque, a former fetish model, former spouse of Marilyn Manson and a representative for Cointreau, which is sponsoring two nights of performances at Tales of the Cocktail. Dita is expected to do the Opium Den act previewed above (as well as the cocktail glass act after the jump, which is harder to see given all the Cointreau promotional shots.) Dita's act has become so lavish with sets, costumes and effects that she doesn't perform very often. The spectacle requires a Las Vegas style treatment and venue — and a sponsor with deep pockets. Dita has performed in New Orleans a couple of times since headlining the Tease-O-Rama burlesque festival nearly 10 years ago. She did a show with the now defunct Shim Sham Revue. Here she is working with Bustout Burlesque but is bringing several performers from Los Angeles (they appear in the video after the jump). She now splits time between Los Angeles and Paris and spends more time promoting lines of lingerie and and liquor than performing. She has a book of beauty tips slated to come out later this year.