In praise of Shamarr Allen's tribute to Sean Payton and 'the Sean Payton'_lowres

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

If you've seen Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram's social media stories or even accidentally touched a device connected to the internet this week, you've probably seen Sean Payton's extremely Dad dance moves in the locker room celebrating with the New Orleans Saints following the team's playoff win against the Carolina Panthers.

Soundtracked by Tee Grizzley's "Win," the coach's lawnmower-inspired toddler moves have triggered a locally viral phenomenon, perhaps to one day be in the annals of internet dance lore alongside the "Shmoney dance" or "Running Man" challenge. Your aunt and neighbor Gary who punched a whole in the wall every time Brees was intercepted are probably on one of your social media feeds right now, being very uncoordinated in a 10,000-seasons-old Jeremy Shockey jersey, doing "the Sean Payton."

New Orleans trumpeter and bandleader Shamarr Allen partnered with DJ DNA to pay tribute with "Sean Payton," finally giving the team and city a non-grating playoff soundtrack for 2018, despite the song committing the cringeworthy crime of using the phrase "we dat."

The trap- and brass band-inspired single is immediately catchy and Good, reflecting the city's attitude toward a coach who in the last year has painted a simple "Fats" on his gameday jacket following Domino's death and recommitted to New Orleans and its people and players in seemingly every press conference. And now he has his own song. Maybe one day he can get on the mic (but, don't).