James Carville and Councilwomen Susan Guidry, Kristin Palmer and Jackie Clarkson joined local organization Women Of The Storm this morning at the recently shuttered P&J Oyster Company on Toulouse Street to launch an online video drawing attention to a petition at restorethegulf.com, which Clancy previewed here this morning.

The video was produced by local advertising agency Peter Mayer, and features prominent celebrities with strong Louisiana connections like Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, Bryan Batt, Lenny Kravitz and Dr. John. 5,000 people had signed the online petition at the time of posting this blog, with the site temporarily crashing at one point this morning, presumably because of high demand — a call to Peter Mayer asking about the temporary crash is yet to be returned.

Carville and crowd watch Mad Men star Bryan Batt during an unveiling of the 100-second video at P&J Oyster Company this morning.

"I want you to know Women of The Storm is going viral, and I want you to know, a month ago I thought it was a disease, but now they tell me it's a good thing," said Anne Milling, founder of the organization, adding that the online petition was getting 25 signatures a minute this morning. "We're launching a 21st Century high tech campaign. We're going to Tweet, we're going to Twitter, we're gonna YouTube, blog, email, and Facebook, we're gonna do it all. We're going use social media to harness and garner hundreds of thousands, possibly a million signatures for a petition that demands funding for coastal restoration."

"On the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson said that England expects every man to do his duty," said Carville. "Well, this is our Trafalgar, and South Louisiana expects every one of us to do their duty, and our duty is to save this land, and this culture, and this way of life for our children and our friends."

"There's an old expression, you want to talk about doing something, go to a man. You actually want to do something, go to a woman," said Carville — praising the effort by Women of The Storm to get the video together.

"It's the signatures, but it's also how much hell we raise," Carville said, when asked how many signatures he thinks it will take for congress to send more assistance to the Gulf region.

Gambit recently interviewed Carville about his feelings on the oil catastrophe, and caught up with him before the unveiling this morning to ask a few more questions. You can watch a quick video of his remarks, after the jump.

Also, someone had made these impressive seafood and wildlife cookies to accompany the launch. Gambit sampled a "shrimp," and a "lobster." Both were excellent, although no substitute for the real thing, of course.