Bacchanal in the Bywater continues its Primal Nights fundraising events on Aug. 22 and 29.  

After a “boozy bake sale” in June raised more than $45,000 for reproductive and abortion rights groups, several in the culinary community are continuing food-based events to raise money for the cause.

Bacchanal Wine (600 Poland Ave.) will kick off its Primal Night backyard barbecue series tonight at 6 p.m. While the event is free, plates of grilled grub will be handed out on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of $20 per plate. According to a press release, the event will last “until the food runs out.”

All donations will benefit Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and Lift Louisiana, a New Orleans group active in women’s rights issues in Louisiana.

“Anyone who saw the long lines at the bake sale, or participated in any of the protests knows that New Orleanians want and support women’s reproductive rights,” said Michelle Erenberg, Lift Louisiana executive director.

During the 2019 legislative session, Lift Louisiana members were vocal in hearings testifying for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and against several abortion restrictions. Ultimately, state lawmakers did not pass the ERA but did pass the abortion measures, mirroring a national trend of abortion restrictions passing through state legislatures in red states.

Backlash to the restrictions quickly began spurring a symbolic resolution by the New Orleans City Council condemning one of the most stringent bills passed by the legislature — one that would ban abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant. A protest and fundraisers for abortion rights groups popped up around the city.

Erenberg said these fundraisers provide funding that abortion rights organizations rely on to stay afloat and help increase awareness surrounding reproductive issues.

“The opposition is well funded and organized, so we need to build our numbers and show our strength,” she said.

The series will take place every Wednesday from July 17 until Oct. 2, according to Bacchanal’s website.

Participating chefs include Jacqueline Blanchard of Coutelier, Mason Hereford of Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine, Marcus Jacobs of Marjie’s Grill, Kristin Essig of Coquette, Matt Kohl of Chicago’s Young American Bar and Nick Martin of La Boca.

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