Photo by Jonathan Bachman

In which I take all the best news, quotes, pictures and everything else Saints-related toss it together and serve it up for our readers. This week we'll be tackling the WHOLE SEASON in addition to Sunday's game. By God, I think we can do it. Follow me after the jump for all you need to know about your 2008 New Orleans Saints.

Omigod omigod OH. MY. GOD. FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! (Kind of). Last night's little teaser between the Giants and Redskins notwithstanding, the football season really begins this Sunday. So what can we expect from the New Orleans Saints this season? Let's have a look.

  • Best Reason to Care About this Season — Aside from the obvious (IT'S !(#*^!!@# FOOTBALL!) the Saints enter this season with high expectations. More importantly, they're not unreasonable! Sure, Jeremy Shockey didn't play a single down in the preseason and the defense has looked putrid at times, but with all the weapons on offense, some key upgrades on defense, and playing in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, it's hard not to expect a playoff run. Even still, it's wise to expect the unexpected. It is the NFL, after all.
  • Best Quote of the Week — " I think when you look at the Saints, you really look at them as the team to beat in the South division." — Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia talking about the Saints. False praise? Maybe. Who cares? He's not the only one saying it.
  • Best Place to Watch the Game: The Superdome. Duh. Thanks to Gustav's lackluster performance, Saints fans are gonna be irate as all hell about having to evacuate but happy they came back with the Dome in one piece. If you're not at this game, you better be dead. Or in jail. And if you're in jail, break out. Just be careful with those "weapons, missiles, fireworks" and such while entering the stadium.
  • Best Game-Related Storyline To Follow: The Saints are going to the Super Bowl! Uh-huh. This is their year, it seems. So says everyone. And by everyone I mean Saints fans. But really, the biggest thing the Saints should worry about is absolutely clobbering the snot out of the Buccaneers. With all the expectations and post-Gustav excitement, there's no reason this game shouldn't be a Saints blowout.
  • Best Non-Game-Related Storyline to Follow: Awww, did Gustav ruin Buccaneer Bruce's plans last weekend? That's a shame. Really. The Saints will make that two ruined weekends in a row, then.
  • Best Completely Random Piece of Saints Merchandise: The Saints-themed weenie warmer (thanks to Chef Who Dat for the link). From the Web-site:
...if there is one city in the US where the parties go all year long, it's New Orleans.

I've been there and I love it!  And with such a festive atmosphere to go along with the Saints, this is a must have for that special man in your life.

What better way to show your favorite fan that you back his team than with the New Orleans Saints Weenie Warmer?  Everybody will want one!

Gotta love the comic sans. Really brings legitimacy to your whole operation.
  • Best Local Band to Listen to Before/After Game: Rebirth Brass Band. There are many brass bands to choose from in New Orleans, but I've chosen Rebirth for their rendition of "Do Watcha Wanna." And their name (Ooo, symbology).
  • Best Crazy Conspiracy Theory About this Team: Sean Payton sold his soul to the devil for a shot at the Super Bowl. Completely banana bat-s**t insane. Payton doesn't need to deal with the devil when he's got so much voodoo magic at his disposal.
  • Best Media Blowhard to Poke Fun At:'s Bill Simmons. I know, I know. Too easy, right? But just take a look at his NFL season preview. Better yet, don't. He gives passing mention to the Saints game this week (in which he picks the Bucs to win!) AND he picks the Saints to lose to Carolina in the first round of the playoffs. May Saints fans have mercy on his soul (not really).
  • Best Season Preview I Casually Glanced Over: Gee, I don't know. There are just so many to choose from. Most of which said the Saints are going to kick ass. Mostly, though. I stopped reading after "Saints".

That's it for now. It looks like it's going to be a fun year, no? God, I missed football.