Rolled upstairs from the Blue Nile Wednesday to hear the Naked Orchestra for the Open Ears series. Open Ears is trombonist Jeff Albert's weekly series of wild music that can feature everything from jazz blowouts to string quartets. Jonathan Freilich's Naked Orchestra was only an 11 piece, but it played its heart shaped ass or ass shaped heart out. The band played two tunes twice, but the variations in each made it like you were looking at it with different tinted glasses each time.

All the musicians were great, adding color or lines when they were inspired and had something to say. Many had deep profound notes living in them that found their way out. Janna Saslaw had some beautiful passages both on her own and with the exhortatory Hart Mcnee (the coolest cat in town). Diesel Dan Ostreicher reinforced the bottom with great bass sax (There seem to be enough bass saxophones in town that we could have a bass sax parade in addition to the Bass Parade). Jeff Albert did some funky sounds with a mute. And Jonathan shredded at ponts and played some melodic solos on another. Their final tune was a version of Mood Indigo that moaned and crawled like it is a living song and not one that has been standarded to death. It was a lovely evening of music.