Gimmick dances are nothing new, from the Lambada ("The Forbidden Dance") and the Macarena back to all the dance crazes and faux-dance crazes of the 1960s: the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Fly. My favorite has always been The Lurch, named after and performed by the butler on The Addams Family:

... my favorite until now, that is, because "Walmart" chart-topper Mr. Ghetto is back with his latest single, "Heart Attack" (no relation to the Olivia Newton-John song of the same name), which attempts to launch a new teen dance craze. Filmed both "in the club" and "outside the emergency room," it will teach you how to catch the Heart Attack in fewer than five minutes.

"Do the Heart Attack ... Do the Heart Attack ... They buckin' so hard they caught a heart attack."