You can add this clip to the ever-growing list of videos that remind us of the depressing reality that is the NBA lockout. Chris Paul and his family competed on Family Feud and, while this clip doesn't reveal if they won in the end, CP3 doesn't look like he did his kin any favors - Paul got two strikes trying to name something a man wears that he doesn't want other to see (he guessed wallet and "musk").

He did get Steve Harvey to gush like a schoolgirl and call him the "nicest point guard" in the league right now, which I guess counts for something (though not for points in the game).

All in all, though, Paul clearly is only doing this cause he has so much free time which just makes us hate the lockout even more. The only way this would've been cool was if it was 20 years ago and the Paul family was competing on Family Double Dare.