Cafe Henri in Bywater to close_lowres

Bywater restaurant Cafe Henri will close, the owners announced Monday.

Bywater restaurant Cafe Henri (800 Louisa St.)  will close, the owners announced Monday.

The announcement was made on the restaurant’s Facebook page by co-owner Neal Bodenheimer and comes a little more than a year after the restaurant opened.

[jump] The Cure Co. team launched the restaurant as a family-friendly neighborhood joint with chef Jason Klutts at the helm. But after weathering a particularly slow summer, the owners shifted course, debuting a more upscale cocktail and wine selection, and hiring Chicago chef Alfredo Nogueira who revamped the restaurant’s menu.

In the end, they didn't find a workable plan for the spot.

“While Bywater felt a lot like Freret Street and Lower Decatur, we did not fully appreciate the forces at play,” the statement read. “It’s easy to feel the romance of a neighborhood on the rise. Yet, each locale comes with its own learning curve. Finding out who your guests are and what they want takes time. …The loss of film business in New Orleans has been a major blow to restaurants and bars. In the end, we failed to fully understand the dynamics of an evolving neighborhood shaped in part by the short-term rental market as well as by the loss of Hollywood South.”

The owners say they hope to find a home for the restaurant in another location.

Cafe Henri joins a list of Bywater restaurants that have closed in the past few year, including Oxalis, which closed in May.