SURPRISE WITNESS: Greg Meffert takes the stand.

LA TRAVIATA AND A BIG-ASS BEER: Opera makes a return to Bourbon Street.

SHRIMPING SQUABBLE: Jeremy Alford reports shrimpers and seafood processors are fussing and feuding over prices.

ACTION JACKSON: Lisa Jackson, 9th Ward native and director of the Environmental Protection Agency, discusses the Obama administration's proposed "green economy."

FINE ARTS LEAGUE: The ever-wacky Running With Scissors troupe is presenting a one-night-only staged reading of John Waters' Female Trouble Oct. 20.

DOES MEYER MAKE TINFOIL HATS?: The H1N1 vaccine is coming down the pike, and the genius commenters over at are all over the government conspiracy to kill you and subjugate you to the will of the state with the flu shot. It is "a bio-tech soft-kill weapon designed by eugenicists within our government and pharmaceutical industry," notes one commenter, before going off on the fluoridation in our water. There's also something in there about 666 and Nazi concentration camps, but by then we were off to read Garfield.

• AND FINALLY: Enjoy the perfect weather. Humidity (but not heat) returns Friday.