Mitch Landrieu's memoir and reflection on race relations and the Confederate monument flap, In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History, will be published March 20, but the book's first big review was issued this morning by Kirkus, which called it "a powerful, welcome manifesto in the cause of a new and better South - and a 'better America":

Landrieu charts his family’s long history of racial fairness; his father, as he recalls, “voted against twenty-nine Jim Crow laws at the [Louisiana] legislature in 1960,” falling afoul of the segregationist leadership. The author concludes by noting that while the tide seems to be turning, the conflict endures, with “domestic terrorism” afoot as “part of the ho-hum racism that eats through our country every day.”

Dates began to be announced last week for a Landrieu book tour, including Mar. 26

in Atlanta

, Mar. 28

in Philadelphia

 and Mar. 29 in

Washington, D.C.

Gambit requested Landrieu's full book tour schedule from Landrieu's publisher, Viking Press, Louise Braverman, director of publicity for Viking/Penguin, said the publisher is "still working on a schedule."