Two Legs Bad water ballet comes to Drifter Hotel Sept. 21-30_lowres

The Drifter Hotel on Tulane Avenue hosts visitors and events including water ballet.

Some sea creatures are more equal than others. Some water park creatures learn that the hard way in Two Legs Bad, a water ballet coming to The Drifter hotel Sept. 21-30. The show is inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm and incorporates synchronized swimming and aerialists.

In the drama, sea lions Napoleon and Snowball lead a rebellion against the sea park where they live and work, and soon all the seahorses, killer whales and clown fish realize that the revolution hasn't worked out as they planned. Writer/director Alayne Gobeille and local water ballet ensemble New Orleans Aqua Mob created the show. A synchronized swimming coach is working with the cast on its aquatic movement, including backflips, hand motions, sculling and more.

[jump] Gobeille lived in New Orleans between 2007 and 2011 and worked on a few absurdist satirical productions presented in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, including Revenge from the Deep Water, a Godzilla film based on the 2010 BP oil disaster.

She moved to Baltimore, where she performed with the water ballet company Fluid Movement, appearing in Mob Town Murder Mystery, a film noirish crime story.

Gobeille is a lawyer by profession and an aerialist by hobby. She performed with a group while living in Fresno.

She's a fan of spectacle-based theater, including the currently running Waterworld, a musical spoof of Kevin Costner's flop. Waterworld is performed in a pool, but does not include synchronized swimming. Gobeille also cites Fantastic Mr. Fox, a drama presented in a maze of fox tunnels built out of cardboard, as a type of spectacle-based show.

The cast also includes singers Amy Stone and Denise Pappas, aerialists Sarah the Bobcat, Hillary Neeb and Jamie Ray, and actors Denise Moore, Chris Champagne, Nari Tomasetti and Jeff Waguespeck.

The show is at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 21-24, 28-30. Tickets are $15.