Roman Candy Rum, a liquid tribute to Sam Cortese's nearly century-old molasses taffy treat, is now available at Rouses, Dorignac's and Acquistapace's in the candy's three traditional flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Roman Candy Rum recipes are also featured on the company's Facebook page.

As you may recall, this isn't the first time a traditional New Orleans sweet got a high-proof makeover. King cake vodka, now produced by three distillers (Lucky Player, Taaka and Pinnacle), was pretty popular during Carnival 2012, even though many folks likened it to almond flavoring. Select New Orleans Original Daiquiris locations even sell king cake daiquiris made from Taaka's version.

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At Gambit's official Roman Candy Rum tasting (chocolate flavor), staffers had the following reactions:

  • "a lot of chocolate"
  • "candy-flavored rum"
  • "it would be excellent with coffee or with dessert"
  • "slightly above toilet wine"
  • "how I imagine all the things in Claire's smell"
  • "the liquid equivalent of a Delia's catalog"
  • "like if you were in OPP and making pruno from your grandma's ribbon candy"
  • "confectioners' sugar"
  • "lip gloss"
  • "it would be great for making bananas Foster"

Staff writer Alex Woodward said that if he weren't
looking at the picture of the Roman candy horse and buggy on the bottle, trying to make a nostalgic connection, he likely wouldn't have thought it tasted as much like Roman candy as he did. Other Gambiteers, myself included, agreed.

Senior account executive Jill Gieger and associate publisher Jeanne Foster noted that rum is usually presented in chilled cocktails, and not straight and hot. They agreed that serving it over ice did it justice.