Grilled cheese lovers, rejoice! The well-loved food truck The Big Cheezy - which has been off the road for some time - is reopening next month in a permanent spot at 422 1/2 South Broad.

Located in the former Liberty's Kitchen space, The Big Cheezy plans to offer a full range of sweet and savory gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and salads for both lunch and dinner.

"We've been working on this concept for five or six years," said co-owner Adam York. "We're happy to have found the right space for it."


Up to 10 different kinds of cheese will be available for sandwich making (including brie, goat cheese and blue cheese) with french fries and sweet potato fries on the side. One of The Big Cheezy's signature items will be grilled cheese beignets.

"We want to take New Orleans flavors and put them into our grilled cheese," said York.

The restaurant is currently finishing up construction, and plans to open in mid-February. For more information, follow along via their website.

WHAT: The Big Cheezy

WHERE: 422 1/2 S. Broad

WHEN: Mid-February (tenative)