So The Lady was into Day 3 of her crying weather jag (or is this Day 4 – I can’t with her right now...), up and past the 1pm start mark of the Young Men Olympian 125th year anniversary parade. Now you know I’m not one to miss a second line nor am I one of those prissy girls who sits in a beauty salon for 3 hours every week then worries about her hair getting wet (cause I’m ‘natural-headed’, you see) but for real, I was not trying to step out into that tantrum today. And I was sure they were going to end up canceling it anyway– until my boy who plays in the band texted me at 12:50pm and said ‘It’s On!’

I guess you don’t get to be 125 year old club by punking out on account of some rain, at least that’s what the YMO told New Orleans today. I showed up an hour into it and was glad I did. Brothers of every age, size, and hue in traditional black and white with the fabulous usher gloves, magic canes, and felt hats with tassels and a couple of buckjumping children were getting busy! There weren’t a whole lotta folk out there, but there was enough of a crowd to give the parade that juice.

Now THAT’S how you roll in the rain!