Good news, Doors fans and spring breakers. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the state clemency board have pardoned Jim Morrison for exposing himself during a 1969 concert in Miami. The Miami Herald and CNN (and Wonkette) report that Crist spoke about the case since no one else stepped forward to represent Morrison (who died in Paris in 1971). Crist noted that many testified that Morrison had not actually exposed himself to the crowd and that his attorneys were not allowed to present evidence about community standards. Certainly south Florida's community standards are laxer today, if South Beach or any Florida spring break coastal area are any indication. No word on whether the state would issue a "nevermind" shoutout to 2 Live Crew. Isn't "indecent exposure" a popular lifestyle in south Florida? (Also, kudos to the Miami Herald info box for noting that the nudity "happened in a flash." Indeed.)