Crescent City Cat Club, Marigny cat cafe, opens Nov. 4_lowres


Get ready, New Orleans: a real live cat cafe (well, mostly) is coming soon to a trendy neighborhood near you.

Crescent City Cat Club (CCCC), a "visitation and adoption facility" located in Faubourg Marigny, opens Nov. 4 and features both indoor and outdoor cat habitats for 10-15 furry friends. The resident cats have been locally sourced from Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter and move in this weekend.

There's a $7 fee to hang out at this cat party, or for $10 you can enjoy a drink (coffee, soda, water) and a snack (chips, cookies, nuts, popcorn) during your visit. You may also bring your own refreshments, and there's free Wi-Fi and "cat-related media offerings." CCCC accommodates roughly 10 guests at a time.

The facility probably can't guarantee that the cats will enjoy your company - or even notice you're there - but if you happen to make a connection, the animals are adoptable and your CCCC entry fee is refundable if you take one home.

More information is available on the organization's website or by calling (833) 665-2228 (NOL-ACAT).