Extras needed for Mavis Staples' protest music-video shoot "If All I Was Was Black"_lowres

Mavis Staples

A local call for extras has been issued for a music video shoot for Mavis Staples' "If All I Was Was Black," the title song from Staples' upcoming protest album, which was co-written and produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

Directed by local filmmaker Zac Manual, the music video will "reimagine the use and intention of former confederate monument spaces by erecting a new, 11-ft. tall monument to a black woman."

The shoot requires a diverse group of 20+ extras to fill the roles of monument supporters. Extras must be present for the duration of the all-day weekend shoot. Extras will not be paid but "food, beverages and good company" will be provided.

Interested parties should contact Lizzie Guitreau at lizzie@worklightpictures.com for more information. The album drops on Nov. 17. Listen to the song below.