This definitely isn't last season any more._lowres


Now that you've had a day to digest it, just take another moment and think about the Saints' 27-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Think about Drew Brees' brain-fart of an interception, Garrett Hartley's horrendous kick, and Sean Payton calling that time out on the would-be blocked kick in overtime. Feeling nauseous? Good. Time for the imaginary food!

Hot Gumbo:

  • Drew Brees - This guys is so good that, on a day he threw two interceptions (including one that led to a Falcons touchdown), he still had a better passing rating (111.1) than Matt Ryan (108.8). Brees also had 365 yards to Ryan's 228 and Brees completed as many passes as Ryan had pass attempts. Get this man his own gumbo flavor already!
  • Lance Moore - Six receptions, 149 yards, a 72-yard punt return, two touchdowns and Lance Moore continues to show how this is the deepest, if not best, wide-receiving corps in the League. This may also be the most frustrating group of receivers for fantasy football owners, only 11% of which owned Moore in Yahoo! leagues.
  • Jo-Lonn Dunbar - Dunbar was a presence all over the field for the Saints in a game where the defense didn't seem interested in stopping the run. Dunbar had 10 total tackles, including two for a loss in what was an otherwise woeful defensive effort.

Spoiled Crawfish

  • Tony Gonzalez - I think it's insanely unfair that this man can put up 110 receiving yards and a touchdown when he's 150 years old and I can barely get up to the new press box without getting winded.
  • Michael Turner - He had nearly three times as many rushing yards as the entire Saints offense and pretty much sealed the game (along with Snelling) as they methodically wore down the Saints' defense throughout the game, helping the Falcons dominate time of possession 45:50 to 27:15. Don't forget to suck the head, Mike!
  • Sean Payton - A lot of Saints fans were perplexed at why Payton decided to go for the field goal with a first down in overtime. First of all, Hartley had just made a 32-yard field goal to force the game into overtime and overtime attempt he missed was from 29 yards. Second of all, any number of things can happen on a field goal try where you may want to have an extra down or two. Third of all, arguing about whether or not Payton should have kept running the ball overshadows the real controversy: Payton calling a timeout before the Saints blocked the Falcons' punt. Of course, there's no way Payton could have known his defense would have blocked the punt. But then again, maybe he should have bothered to tell his players that he'd be calling a timeout, so that they wouldn't waste all their energy blocking a kick that wouldn't have counted anyway.
  • Saints Rushing Game - The Saints had 12 rushing yards in the first half on their way to a paltry 43 for the game. This team is quickly spiraling into the 2008 version of itself when every opposing defense knew that the Saints had to throw the ball if they wanted to move down field. Brees had 38 passing attempts but only handed the ball off 16 times. That needs to change if the Saints want to get back to their winning ways.
  • Matt Ryan - Remember last year when this guy was injured? Yea, that was sweet.

Room-temperature Abita

  • Garrett Hartley - Seven months ago, Hartley made a 40-yard field goal to put the Saints into the Super Bowl. After Sunday's 29-yard miss, it took ESPN's Adam Schefter all of two hours to report that Hartley's job is in jeopardy. Drink up, Garrett, tis the life of a kicker in the NFL.