This ugly New Orleans Pelicans Christmas sweater is an abomination and everyone wants one_lowres

A screenshot from the official NBA shop.

You know a trend has jumped the shark when a major North American sports league exploits it for money. The latest example: the National Basketball Association (NBA) is cashing in on the "ugly holiday sweater" trend - which an ABC News article traced back to 2001 - by releasing "ugly sweaters" for 14 lucky(?) teams.

Here you can see the New Orleans Pelicans version, which (and I'm being generous here) is an abomination to all sense of taste, style and class. Also, it's almost completely sold out at $64.95.

That's right: Head over to the NBA's online store and you'll see that the sweater is only available in XXL, with all other sizes unavailable for purchase. This is somewhat surprising considering the Saints have not one, not two, but three sweaters that are even uglier and in greater availability.

Regardless of your stance on the Pelicans and Saints sweaters (and ugly sweaters in general), just be thankful we only have to endure them one month out of the year.

In other news, the forecast this week calls for daytime temperatures in the low 70s because: New Orleans - so don't plan to wear your new ugly sweater just yet.