Kin, the contemporary American restaurant in Gert Town, and Adolfo Garcia’s new spot in Central City, Primitivo, now serve lunch.

At Kin (4600 Washington Ave., 504-304-8557), the new restaurant from Hieu Than and chef Nate Nguyen, short and simple lunchtime service features four types of Japanese ramen and several appetizers, including a rotating selection of dumplings.

The menu includes classic tonkotsu ramen made with pork bone broth, porchetta, shrimp cake, a soft-boiled egg and pickled vegetables. A miso version includes confit chicken debris. Noodles for all versions are house-made.

[jump] Slices of roasted duck breast are paired with pickled vegetables and sesame seeds and served with a duck and soy reduction on the side for dipping.

The restaurant’s house ramen is delivered without broth. Noodles are topped with fried oysters, confit mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, kaffir sauce and cured egg yolk.

Than, who opened the restaurant  in March, said the program is “still in the beta phase,” and that recipes for the broth and other dishes are likely to change, depending on availability of ingredients.

Kin serves lunch Tuesday through Friday.

Primitivo (1800 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., 504-881-1775), which opened last week is now serving sandwiches in addition to the regular dinner menu to lunch patrons Tuesday through Friday.

Beef coulotte with pastrami spices is served with turnip slaw on biscuits. Smoked catfish tartine comes with corn salsa, arugula and aioli.

Grilled kale, ham and cheddar are dressed with peach mustard and served on toasted bread. 

All of the sandwiches come with house-made potato chips. House-made sodas include ginger and rosemary citrus. 

Primitivo serves lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.