Tonight: CANO presents the 9th Ward Improv Opera_lowres

St. Maurice Church

As part of the P.3 celebrations taking place across the city, the Creative Alliance of New Orleans has teamed up with local artists to present the story of the 9th Ward/Holy Cross neighborhood from the time the levees broke till now. 

The 9th Ward Improv Opera will gather the talents of spoken word artist Chuck Perkins, saxophonist Kidd Jordan, pianist David Torkanowsky and dancer Monique Moss. Audience members and neighbors are also invited to share their stories of the neighborhood in any artistic form. The performance will be an improvised collaboration, so that familiar New Orleans tunes will be played underneath spoken word soliloquies and dance performances. 

The show begins at 7 p.m. tonight, Jan. 23 at St. Maurice Church (605 Maurice Ave.) and is free and open to the public.