Caddy Shack_lowres


“Like Avey Tare’s parts in Animal Collective,” came the voice in the next cubicle, and I’d say that’s just about right. The subject: Caddywhompus, the local noise-pop group making a glorious racket in my headphones for much of the morning. For various reasons, I had managed to avoid hearing the duo of singer/drummer Sean Hart and singer/guitarist Chris Rehm until now, despite its name having been on the lips of some of my most trusted musical advisors for months. First, there’s that name, Caddywhompus, which stumbles out of your mouth like an unholy mix of bumbling ’80s comedy and Sesame Street character. And second/third, its four-song debut EP has tracks titled “This Is Where We Blaze the Nuggz” and “Absinthesizer.” But wait — they’re good songs. They all are, in fact: sugary, crunchy, shout-y songs, hopped up on some euphoric substance that elicits skyscraping vocals, multi-tracked effect pedals and multiple Touretteish-sounding outbursts. They’re also free, available as a zip download that starts the second you click on the EP’s cover, a garish cave drawing sitting front and center on the band’s Web site. Good, free music from a startup pop group in New Orleans? “Kids,” came the voice in the next cubicle. I’d say that’s just about right.  


Caddywhompus plays Tipitina’s Grammy U Launch Party tonight at 9 p.m.