Brewsday Tuesday: NOLA Brewing collaborates to create funky brews_lowres


This holiday season, NOLA Brewing is releasing two collaboration beers with breweries 7venth Sun from the Tampa Bay area and Fulton Brewery in Minneapolis.

The Fulton collaboration springs from the fact that the Mississippi River starts in Minnesota and ends in Louisiana. As the water moves south, it picks up sediment and all sorts of funk, making the water that flows into the Gulf of Mexico different than what it was in the north. There are two Messipi versions: a clean and pure version of amber saison and a funky version, which uses wild yeast strains to give the vibe of the muddy waters of the Mississippi.

“With both breweries’ mutual need and respect for the Mississippi River that connects us, we thought it would be fun to put a spin on the ‘clean’ and ‘funky’ aspect we each experience,” NOLA Brewing CEO Kirk Coco said in a released statement.

[jump] House of the Rising is a sour beer made in collaboration with 7venth Sun. Each brewery pitched its wild yeasts into a beer made with barley, wheat and oats, as well as mayhaws and strawberry puree.

“This beer was first and foremost an experimentation in fermentation," says NOLA’s “Director of Funk” and sour beer brewer Derek Lintern. [We used] "14 strains of Brettanomyces in different barrels, two of which were house strains for 7venth Sun, along with the NOLA Funk house strain for Lactobacillus. The addition of raw mayhaw fruit also introduced more wild yeast and bacteria, making this truly a wild beer. Each barrel had unique flavor profiles, which we blended for a balanced, well-rounded, funky, fruity and sour ale that is quite quaffable.”

House of the Rising will be released at the The Avenue Pub (1732 St. Charles Ave., 504-586-9243) Dec. 11. It will be available in limited quantities in 750 milliliter bottles as well as on draft in each brewery’s taproom.