Bobby Jindal prayer rally materials say Hurricane Katrina occurred six years ago_lowres


Gov. Bobby Jindal has announced he will be holding "The Response," a Christian prayer rally, at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge Jan. 24. The event's website has several downloads for attendees, including a 7-day prayer guide for the days leading up to the event.

Day 2's reading ("Locust Plagues"), may confuse some of the faithful, as it describes Hurricane Katrina as having occurred six years ago, which would have put it in the summer of 2008, three years into the recovery:

[jump] A couple of other statements seem strangely dated as well; the devastating tornados that hit Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama actually struck in 2011, not "this year," and same-sex marriage is now legal in 35 states and the District of Columbia, not just six states. 

The prayer guide seems to have been taken directly from a previous "The Response" event - this one a seven-hour Christian prayer rally held by Texas Gov. Rick Perry at Houston's Reliant Stadium in August 2011, the same month Perry declared he would seek the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012.

Perry's "Response" drew 30,000 attendees, and much of the program in Houston seems to have been based on the specific Bible verses (Joel 2, Isaiah 40 and Ephesians 3) that also are cited in Jindal's prayer guide. In addition, the mission statement for Jindal's "Response" is a near-carbon copy of Perry's (seen archived here).

Certainly the Jindal Administration knows when Hurricane Katrina and the federal floods devastated much of Louisiana and Mississippi - and perhaps the official materials for the event will reflect that by the time the faithful gather next month in Baton Rouge.