More than 58 percent of city employees who responded to human resources and civil service survey this summer said they thought the civil service system was ineffective, according to results released by the City of New Orleans today. In contrast, of the 1,058 employees who responded to that question, only about 18 percent said they found the civil service system effective. 23.5 percent responded that they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Administration officials are likely to use that result, and others in the survey, to bolster their argument that the civil service system needs to be revamped. The survey was offered to city employees in July, several months after the city began its most recent civil service overhaul project and a month after its consultant, Public Strategies Group (PSG), produced an extensive internal draft report outlining a number of specific suggestions to change the system. PSG also worked with city officials to design the survey.

Other findings:

—59 percent of 1,083 respondents disagreed with the statement "I believe that the current "City Civil Service System is efficient"; 18 percent agreed; 23 percent were neutral.

—71 percent of 1,146 said pay was the most important area to improve the city's personnel system. The next highest was "promotions," with 56.4 percent.

—52 percent of 1,077 disagreed with the statement, "The pay plan ensures that everyone is paid fairly"; 12 percent agreed; 25 percent were neutral.

—46 percent of 1,075 disagreed with the statement "Promotions should be awarded based only on longevity, Civil Service examinations and Civil Service training course requirements"; 35 percent agreed; 18 percent were neutral.

Read the full report: CS_HR_Survey_Report_Final.pdf