New Orleans: officially on the hipster map_lowres

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The urban hipster* wasn't particularly populous in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, but its numbers have grown since then, particularly in the Bywater (where one resident has painted HIPSTERS KEEP OFF on his/her front steps). Now New Orleans seems to have joined Brooklyn, N.Y., Portland, Ore., Austin, Texas and other well-known hipster enclaves as a destination spot, at least according to Buzzfeed's map, the "Post-Grad Hipster’s Guide To Inhabitable U.S. Cities."

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We are "NEW ORLEANS 'REAL culture and post-Katrina street cred' Louisiana," while our neighbor to the west is "AUSTIN 'Blue dot in Red Sea but at least there's a good music scene' Texas." Other destinations include "SAN FRANCISCO 'Live in a cardboard box in the Mission for $1000 a month Tweeting for an environmental nonprofit' California" and "PORTLAND 'If only there were more diversity AND I could find a coffee shop job while I work on my music' Oregon." It all sounds about right.

* You can argue all you want about what constitutes a hipster — or if there even is such a thing — but having been almost run down by a waif dressed like a 1920's newsboy with "Where's Waldo" striped tights riding a fixed-gear bike as I was walking through the Marigny, I can assure you: they exist.