Treme needs you for Fake Jazz Fest_lowres


From anecdotal experience, it seems being an extra on Treme involves a lot of standing around at weird hours of the night, grabbing as much free food as possible from the craft services table, and hearing producers tell Davis Rogan over and over again to go home, because he is not an actual cast member (nah, I just made up that last part). But this seems way more fun: on Tuesday, May 3, the team behind the HBO series is re-creating a "2007 outdoor music festival" (likely Jazz Fest) for the show, and they need "festival-goers."

They're totally committing to this: Fake Jazz Fest will include performances by Wanda Rouzan, Donald Harrison and Treme cast members Clarke Peters (Albert Lambreaux) and Rob Brown (Delmond Lambreaux). There will also be free food, and raffles and giveaways with loot including a 43-inch plasma TV, Treme DVD box sets, CDs and more.

The daylong shoot starts at 8 a.m. and is happening rain or shine. Participants are asked to bring "festival gear" such as chairs and hats and to remember that this is supposed to be 2007: so no Obama, Super Bowl stuff or that William and Kate commemorative T-shirt you've been wearing all day. You'll probably be expected to flail around and clap off-rhythm like a normal festival-goer.

A flyer with more details, including a phone number to call for information, is after the jump.

In other Treme news, some cast members from the show will be at the Louisiana Music Factory Wednesday, May 4 at 11 a.m. to sign copies of the show's season 1 DVDs. Some of the actors expected to attend include Wendell Pierce (Antoine Batiste), Steve Zahn (Davis McAlary), Khandi Alexander (LaDonna Batiste-Williams), Clarke Peters, Rob Brown and Kermit Ruffins.


Or click here for a PDF of the flyer: