Cast members from The Lion King sing at Ace Hotel Jan. 16_lowres

Native New Orleanian Kyle Banks performs in The Lion King.

Native New Orleanian Kyle Banks performs in the cast of The Lion King, currently running at Saenger Theatre. He and fellow cast members, including Deshaun Young, who plays Simba, sing in a program called "Resist" at the Ace Hotel's Three Keys at 7:30 Monday, Jan. 16. Other singers include Sihele Ngema, Jalen Harris and Vusi Sondiyazi. The program focuses on songs inspired by the U.S. civil rights movement and resistance to Apartheid in South Africa. The performers are accepting donations at the door, which will be given to St. Augustine High School, Banks' alma mater.

The Lion King touring production typically visits a city for one- or two-month engagements, and cast members hold occasional events like this to sing various types of music. Banks is classically trained and he sometimes uses these events to sing operatic works. Banks spoke to Gambit about his musical training in New Orleans and career.