Emeril launches new line of tortilla chips_lowres


New Orleans chef, television personality and general force of nature Emeril Lagasse has another feather to add to his cap: tortilla chip mogul.

In partnership with CoPak Solutions - an organic, kosher, gluten-free tortilla chip company based in North Carolina - Emeril has launched a line of three loosely New Orleans-flavored tortilla chips. The chips, which are packaged in understated, color-blocked bags with a large picture of Emeril on the front, come in Bam! BBQ, Essence and Sweet Potato.

While the flavors seem promising, the two I sampled - Bam! BBQ and Essence - were lackluster, with dull, washed-out seasoning. (The Bam! BBQ is the better of the two, with a slight mesquite sweetness.) The chip texture was the most unfortunate part, with an odd density and chewiness that probably wouldn't hold up well for dipping purposes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sweet potato is a more complex and crispy option.

Emeril's tortilla chips are currently available in Bam! BBQ and Essence at Rouse's Uptown.