Advance Publications wants to optimize customer experiences across platforms to strengthen our brands_lowres


... not to mention Engage Employees in Transforming the Company to Meet Our Changing Digital and Print Future.

No, it's not the latest indignity ladled upon the heads of the long-suffering NOLA Media Group (unofficial slogan: We're Miserable - But What a View!™) - it's a new "Strategic Initiative" laid down at The Oregonian, the Newhouse/Advance paper in Portland, Ore.

Newsroom employees got this directive laid out on a laminated card this week, according to media reporter Jim Romenesko.

“These laminated cards were distributed this week to Oregonian newsroom employees,” writes a Romenesko reader. “Note: nothing about holding government accountable, informing the public, comforting the afflicted, etc.”

"Strengthen financial performance."

The reaction on Romenesko's Facebook page is worth reading.