Now Aaron Broussard, the former Jefferson Parish president who took a plea deal in a major bribery case a few months back, is asking for a hearing on alleged prosecutorial misconduct in former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office. The allegations, of course, relate to the non-blogging scandal, in which comments on - the highest form of public debate I am aware of - threaten to bring down several years of major public corruption cases.

Broussard also alleges that the office has failed to substantially investigate media leaks involving grand jury testimony and defamatory comments on Broussard also objects to Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Kennedy's role in his prosecution. As we know from Judge Kurt Engelhardt's famous order in the Danziger case, another former prosecutor Mike Magner testified in November that he had tried to alert superiors, including Kennedy, about the commenting in late 2010. Magner said that

Read Broussard's motion: BroussardMotion.pdf