Reindeer: overrated?_lowres


There's reason to think so - at least here in NOLA, where we have North Pole Nutrias, the holiday puppet classic created by Ninth Ward musicians Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Shot in 2002 and directed by local historian of the odd Rick Delaup, the half-hour film tells the story of two City Park-dwelling nutrias, Dusty and Treasure, who travel to the North Pole and wind up saving Christmas from an evil virus who eats toys. The late Sheriff Harry Lee, Chris Rose, Bunny Matthews and Al Scramuzza all provide voices. And who's that credited as a puppeteer on the film? Why, it's Gambit Weekly Arts & Entertainment Editor Will Coviello.    North Pole Nutrias airs Christmas Day at 6 p.m. on Cox 10.