Voodoo - Friday Night_lowres


The Voodoo Music Experience weathered heavy showers on its first day. By the time French turntablist duo Justice exploded into mosh-pit worthy griding guitar sounds over disco beats, its crowd was mostly shrunk wrapped in disposable rain gear. After 20 minutes, the rain subsided and Justice settled on more more mellow sounds for much of the rest of its set.

Eminem's set phased in against a video projection depicting a gruesome crime scene in a hospital, complete with blood strewn walls, bloodied bodies and vials and vials of pharmaceuticals. Em kicked off with "3 a.m." and mostly stuck to familiar work such as "The Way I Am," although the video motif of chemical compounds and pills continued, which seems to refer to his most recent work on Relapse.  He and D12 seemed perfectly comfortable on stage together again, but I didn't find it to be a terribly sharp performance, and not as lyrically rich as Relapse often is.

For all of the hubris about drug lust and telling everyone to "suck his d--K," Eminem's spontaneouw rants ran out of ideas quickly. I found FischerSpooner's (pictured) wildly self-important electroclash arthouse opera more entertaining. Vain, melodramatic and self-indulgent, yes, but also less cartoonish than Eminem's picture of himself.

And for those keeping score. A 12-oz. can of Miller Lite costs $5 at Voodoo. Maybe the rain or average age of the crowd had more to do with it, but beer lines weren't long this evening.