Sony Pictures has reversed course on its embattled holiday movie The Interview, today announcing that it would allow screenings of the film starting on Christmas Day as originally planned. The studio was the target of a major cyber-attack in recent weeks widely thought to be intended as retaliation for the film, a comedy that depicts the assassination of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un at the hands of characters played by Seth Rogan and James Franco. On Wednesday, December 17, Sony announced that it was canceling the theatrical run of the film after terrorist threats were made against theaters planning to screen it.

Last week Sony was criticized for its decision to shelve the film by everyone from George Clooney to President Obama, who called Sony's decision "a mistake." According to a report published today by The New York Times, the film is likely to open in 200 to 300 mostly smaller theaters across the country, down from the 2,000 to 3,000 theaters that had originally booked it. But this story is still developing as it has since Thanksgiving week.

Chalmette Movies has just announced it will screen The Interview starting Christmas Day. More info here.