You Go Girl's haunted house opens Oct. 20_lowres


You Go Girl - whose fun neon nightmares and comic creatures offer windows into a bizarro Lisa Frank party - stages an "immersive haunted experience" this Halloween. You Go Girl and several New Orleans artists present Beyond the Haunted Puddle, running at PORT (2120 Port St.) this month (Oct. 20-23 and Oct. 28-31).

Beyond the Haunted Puddle "is based on the unsolved mystery of two children who disappeared into an unearthly puddle in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. The true tale of their journey remains a mystery, but this experience allows daring souls to fantasize about what happened that lurid October night. Horrible, beautiful, and alarming, The Haunted Puddle would ask for those faint of heart, squeamish or prudish to stay at home and keep your heads on your sweet soft pillows. Be scared or leave."

[jump] You Go Girl and READ talked to Gambit in May in a conversation spanning inspiration, ethics and making art in a studio in advance of their collaborative "Spectacles" exhibition.

Beyond the Haunted Puddle is produced by You Go Girl with a team of artists including Nina Nichols, Alanna Maureen Geare, Samuel Springstorm, Sarrah Danziger, Patrick Wolf, Joy Patterson and directed by Xavier Juarez. It runs 7 p.m.-9 p.m. (all ages) and 9 p.m.-11 p.m. (adults only) from Oct. 20-23 and Oct. 28-31.

Tickets are $10 for children, $15 general admission. Visit the event's website or Facebook for updates.