Just a reminder: Not everyone is a Saints fan_lowres

Deadspin does its best to troll Who Dat Nation

Deadspin does its best to troll Who Dat Nation
  • Deadspin does its best to troll Who Dat Nation

This week's Gambit cover story is on our beloved Saints and the $100 Million Man, Drew Brees. Aside from pondering whether or not Brees is worth the money he was given (spoiler alert: he is), we also look at all of the obstacles the Saints face coming into this season. Of course, the biggest one is the bounty scandal that had completely changed the perception of this franchise among NFL fans outside of Louisiana.

Enter Drew Magary of Deadspin. Now, before you click on the link you should know a couple of things. First, this is a serial feature were Magary gives us a "hater's guide" to every NFL team. Second, the whole point of these articles is to make fun of teams and get people riled up (as Magary successfully did with one commentator). Third, it's sometimes important to remember that, though New Orleanians have what seems like a special bond and admiration for their Saints, these are not feelings shared by most of the country.

Most of the country couldn't care less about the Saints and a few other people could go as far as saying they hate the Saints. As a successful team that has recently won a Super Bowl and is in the habit of beating opponents into a bloody pulp (sometimes literally), you have to expect the Saints to be the target of some invective and hate-filled rants. Magary's column may be the most incendiary thing you'll read by a professional writer about the Saints, but it's good to take a look at so when some moronic Falcons/Chargers/Eagles or any other fan says something just as inflammatory to your face, you'll be able to shrug it off.