Were the Warriors really too much for the Hornets to handle? Did the Spurs really outshoot the Hornets as New Orleans wasted Chris Paul's heroics?

What's going on at the Hive? Have we entered some Bizzaro land where a team like Golden State can beat the Hornets-at home!? What about the San Antonio game? Its like they forgot to pack their defense. Okay sure that could be considered a quality loss. But Paul scored 38 points and the Spurs still prevailed. On the other hand the Warriors upset the Hornets at home-a fluke a baffling aberration right? Maybe not.

The Hornets have lost five games this season to sub .500 teams-three of which were in New Orleans. At 28-16 that's almost a third of their losses- a sobering statistic for disillusioned fans who think the Hornets are a viable championship contender.

Now, just days after the Spurs beat the Hornets New Orleans finds themselves midway through the season and still searching for some semblance of consistency. But it won't be easy. The 29-17 Blazers are just warming up and New Orleans is looking to cure their ills with some timely home cooking when as of late the local cuisine hasn't necessarily agreed with an erratic Hornets squad. However with the exception of Portland the Hornets should have no trouble dishing out the bitter taste of defeat during a five game stretch against Chicago, Toronto, Minnesota, and Memphis.

Tulane baseball hit the field for their first official practice of the season Sunday. The team was picked fourth in the Conference U.S.A. preview and with the addition of an offensive spark in new lefty freshman Adam Zabel, the team hopes to bring their school a  championship.