Cocktail culture slowly creeping into Metairie with the revival of Martine’s_lowres


While it seems like you can’t walk two blocks without stumbling upon a craft cocktail bar in New Orleans, the suburban streets of Metairie and Kenner have yet to be hit with a swarm of mixologists and house-made bitters.

The current overhaul of Martine’s Lounge, an Old Metairie beer-and-a-shot staple for thirty years, might just change all that.

In August, Suzanne Accorsi, co-owner of Pal’s Lounge, and her partner, David Porretto, bought Martine's from its long-time septuagenarian owner and has been transforming the bare-bones bar into a space that’s both welcoming and refined.


“My philosophy is that Martine’s should be a neighborhood bar that’s comfortable and friendly, but also a place that serves great cocktails that aren’t too expensive or over the top,” said Accorsi.

The most popular cocktails thus far? The Pie-Eyed Pig - a whiskey and vermouth concoction with brown sugar maple bacon simple syrup (say that five times fast) topped off with a garnish of bacon and cherry.

The Paloma Rosa - a refreshing blend of tequila, pomegranate liqueur, grapefruit juice, and sparkling wine - is another eye-catching menu item sure to be popular as summer approaches.

Martine’s might be a lone wolf in the Metairie cocktail bar scene now, but before we know it, Veterans Memorial Boulevard could be crawling with mustachioed barkeeps serving up flights of Mezcal.