by Sam Winston

After Rush Limbaugh drizzled heavy praise on Louisiana's new governor, talk flaired and then fizzled on Bobby Jindal's chances of getting on the Republican ticket to be Vice President. The Republicans loved his social conservative credentials, not to mention his ethnicity as a counter punch to the Democrats' claim of first black man or first woman president. Nevertheless the notion was quickly dismissed due to Jindal's relative lack of experience.

Now a columnist at Congressional Quarterly has flipped the script on that logic, especially if Obama is the Democratic nominee.

The two most attractive GOP possibilities for VP who are eliminated by the not-ready-for-prime-time standard are governors — Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Sarah Palin of Alaska. Either would add an obvious and unprecedented racial or gender balance to the GOP ticket. Jindal has been discounted because he served only two terms in the House and has been governor only since mid-January, Palin because she has served less than two years.

But it would be very difficult for the Democrats to argue that Jindal, as vice president, would not be qualified to be president after his four years in Congress, since that’s the same amount of time served by Obama. They’d have a better argument against Palin, but would they really want to spend much time talking about qualifications? That’s going to be McCain’s mantra, isn’t it? Why would they give him an opportunity to counterpunch? - CQ