First look at DTB, opening March 29 on Oak Street_lowres

DTB's menu includes crab-boiled chips topped with popcorn creme fraiche and pickled lemon.

Chef Carl Schaubhut’s Cajun-inspired restaurant DTB (8201 Oak St., Suite 1, 504-518-6899) opens March 29 in Riverbend.

Schaubhut is the chef at Bacobar and has worked at Commander's Palace. He and co-owner Jacob Naquin modeled the restaurant’s look and menu to reflect their Cajun upbringings in Des Allemands and Bayou Dularge, respectively. Together with chef de cuisine Jacob Hammel, another Commander’s veteran, the team describes the restaurant’s approach as “modern interpretations of Southern Louisiana’s coastal cuisine” with a creative twist.


Schaubhut adds international ingredients and creative whimsy at Bacobar, his international street food concept on the Northshore. A similarly creative and playful approach can be found in the dishes here.

The menu is divided into sections called “Sociables,” “T-plates,” “Beaucoup Plates,” and “Lagniappe.”

In the Sociables category, appetizers and snacks include smoky mushroom boudin balls, which feature eggplant, smoked mayonnaise and collard pickles. Crab-boiled chips are similar to home fries, topped with popcorn creme fraiche and pickled lemon. Cauliflower rillettes are served with whipped brie and fennel-onion preserves on croutons.

Slightly larger T-plates include a platter of squash blossoms, fried and stuffed with alligator chorizo, ricotta, olives and sauce piquant. Schaubhut’s take on the Italian pasta classic cacio e pepe features crab fat butter, trout roe, Pecorino Romano and cayenne spaghetti. Roasted asparagus is tossed with sugar snap and rice granola, topped with a poached egg and remoulade.

The larger, entree-sized dishes, the Beaucoup Plates, include 24-hour marinated short rib served with marinated tomatoes, fermented pepper jelly and baked grits. Stuffed chicken features garlic sausage, oyster mushrooms, turnips and smoked fricassee, and a shrimp rice bowl is topped with crawfish, pork belly, mirlitons, tasso XO and egg yolk.

Desserts include warm chocolate cake with buttermilk caramel, cherry, orange and bourbon ice cream, and banana toffee cake featuring banana pudding, meringue, peanuts and sesame.

Lu Brow's cocktail menu includes creative quaffs themed to match the Louisiana feel of the restaurant. Fire on the Bayou is made with Cathead Vodka infused with house pepper jelly is paired with Lilette and citrus and served with a choice of pony beer. The Fogerty cocktail features Buffalo Trace Bourbon, peach shrub, citrus and fresh peaches. The restaurant’s namesake cocktail (Down the Bayou) is a combination of Bayou Rum, strawberries, orange, mint and ginger.

The restaurant also serves coffee from Congregation Coffee Roasters and 12 local beers on draught.

DTB will serve dinner daily, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.