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Lady Buckjumpers Back To School Picnic

This is year 20-something that the fabulous, charitable and party-loving Lady Buckjumpers have hosted their annual Back To School picnic. The event, which happened Sunday in City Park, has become a sought after and beloved tradition for adults in the community as well as the kids. DJs along with Rebirth Brass Band were on site, rocking the 200-plus crowd who enjoyed free food, drinks (cocktails as well as healthy juices), massages, barbers, manicures and pedicures, baton twirling lessons, hair braidings, group photos, kickball, dodge ball - an extravaganza of feel-good freebies designed to send the kids and their parents into the new school year feeling pampered, nurtured and loved.


LBJ President Linda Tapp shared, “We first started it, wanting to give back to children and parents." Laughing, she added "And we like to party, you know, so we wanted to incorporate that into it. So people could enjoy that time before they get back into school.”

Although Sunday’s event was a raucous success, Linda says the highlight of the event actually happened the day before when LBJ club friend Anne Marie Coviello ran a drive on Saturday with her own group ‘Ladies Make Parades’ to collect scores of backpacks filled with books, paper, folders to donate to the Buckjumper’s giveaway. “You name it they had it,” crowed Linda. “That was so amazing she did that. They helped us give away more.”

LBJ Back To School picnic

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