I’ma tell you right now - I didn’t get much footage of Indians yesterday at the Super Sunday Throw Down. Ran up on the Hot 8 Brass Band and got hooked on their imperial flows and chords.  But with the interwebs flooded with pictures by amateur and professional photographers, you don’t need me to show you what you most likely have already seen.  But what I bet you didn't see is hizzoner shaking what his momma gave him with the Young Men Olympian Jr.Benevolent Association Social Aid and Pleasure Club.  At the 2:23 mark - Mitch’s money maker in full effect:

I did manage to get some footage of beautiful injuns while rolling with the 8 - at the 5:25 mark, several collected on the neutral ground including Free Agents tuba player Travis Carter looking majestic in his sky blue beaded suit.

But of the many wonderful moments that happened yesterday, this was my favorite heart-swelling one: Hot 8 playing Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘Somebody Loves You Back (50/50 Love)’, YMO showing brotherly love in the streets of New Orleans. The crowd got sooooo lifted!

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