Caravan Stage Company travels the world's waterways and presents shows dockside. The company's last visit to the New Orleans area was in 2013, when it spent several months developing a pirate-themed show in Lafitte before moving to Florida to finish the production and begin its tour.

Caravan returns to New Orleans May 10-20 to present Nomadic Tempest at Pontchartrain Landing. The show combines theater, aerialist and acrobatic arts, video and light projection and more. The boat deck serves as a stage and the mast and riggings are used for aerialist work. Nomadic Tempest is a story about four Monarch butterflies displaced by global warming.

[jump] Caravan Stage's ship, the Amara Zee, is modeled on Thames River sailing barges. The tour will take the boat to Beaumont, Texas, and eventually the boat will be shipped through the Panama Canal to British Columbia, the company's original home. Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder created Caravan as a horse-drawn wagon theater company in 1970. The company creates original contemporary theatrical productions, often focusing on environmental and social justice themes. The troupe lives on and travels in the boat.